Rebuild Process

We refurbish your old hinges to better than OEM

Despite what you’ve heard, new springs will NOT fix a set of worn hinges.

Over time, hinge pivot holes are worn egg-shaped or oval. This makes the holes loose and misaligns the hinge framework causing binding. The only cure is to machine the holes back to round, straighten any bent framework and press in new rivets.

Here’s where it gets to be a problem. You can’t find replacement rivets and if you could find NOS or replica they would not fit the new hole diameter due to boring out the old oval hole.

Hood Hinge Repair can fix  it

We machine all new high quality rivets to fit the new hole diameter within .0005 accuracy. They are then pressed in with a tool designed by my father, providing better than reproduction tightness.

The hinges then go through final step where they are degreased and prepped for finish coating.

To inspect your hinges, remove the springs, clean the rivet area with a degreaser, and check for side-play. You shouldn’t have ANY play.

We offer quality Eastwood powder coating products as well as a variety of paint and primer finishes.

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Hood Hinge Repair Process

It starts with your usable core hinges and springs.

Worn set of ’73 Camaro hood hinges.

Drilling out the old worn rivets.

Reaming out the oval holes to round again.

Ready for hot tank and media blasting.

Pressing in all new custom made rivets.

Complete and ready for refinishing.