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We refurbish your old hinges to better than OEM

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My father and I have over 25 years experience restoring classic Chevelles, Monte Carlos and 50’s Fords and Chevys. Having grown tired of misaligned fender to hood gaps, we turned our attention to the hood hinge itself. As we began to experiment with swap meet hinges, we discovered that most, if not all were worn out in the rivets themselves. A Web search found no source for NOS or replacement rivets and only a hand full of companies that claim to repair hinges.

My father being a trained and certified machinist for over 45 years, knew he could machine new, over-sized rivets to improve the fit. Word spread locally of our new venture and people started contacting us needing the same service.

We have steadily grown and now have all the equipment needed to fill the constant stream of orders received daily.

We are a small, family run business located in Forest, Virginia.

Let us help you keep your original hood hinges and avoid the poor fitting reproduction hinges.

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